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Wedding Loans in Singapore

The national average for a wedding cost in Singapore is more than S$30,000.

Depending on the amount of guests, the style of the ceremony, the details, and the location, the price tag on some weddings can even be upwards of S$100,000.

While this might seem extravagant, that is the reality for many people coming up with their wedding plans.

Since this is the beginning of the next chapter in your life and one of the most special days you will ever have, you donít want to have to cut corners.

To help you get the wedding of your dreams, taking out a personal loan for a wedding, also known as a wedding loan, is one way to help you cover the expenses of the ceremony.

Wedding Loans in Singapore

Weddings cost a lot of money.

The average cost of a wedding in Singapore is over $30,000.

The cost of a wedding only increases as the number of guests goes up, and it is affected by the location, details, and style of ceremony too.

Some weddings can cost upwards of $100,000.

It’s certainly a lot of money, but this is reality for most people who are putting together their ideal wedding.

Given that your wedding is the beginning of the rest of your life and one of the most special days in your life, you don’t want to be cutting corners and missing out on things you really want.

A personal loan for a wedding, also known as a wedding loan, could be just what you need to cover the expenses and have your ideal dream wedding.

What is a Wedding Loan?

While they are called wedding loans, a wedding loan is essentially a personal loan. Go to any bank you want in Singapore and ask them for a wedding loan, and you’ll see that the application process mirrors that of a personal loan. Wedding loans are designed to give you the money to pay for a wedding if you don’t have the money to do so yourself. While some countries customarily have one side of the family pay for the bill, this isn’t something that is done in Singapore (and it’s becoming less common in those countries too!)

Wedding loans/marriage loans are a great way to pay for a wedding with a credit loan as they come with flexible repayment schedules built around your needs.

Wedding loans can be as big or small as needed, helping you to cover all of the costs associated with the big day – from the catering to the wedding photographer.

Here are some figures to help you determine how much money you need for a wedding loan;

  • Reception/Venue – 50-51% of the cost
  • Ceremony – 3-4% of the cost
  • Garments – 8-10% of the cost
  • Decorations – 15-17% of the cost
  • Entertainment – 8-10% of the cost
  • Photography/Videography – 10% of the cost
  • Rings – 2-3% of the cost
  • Transportation – 2-3% of the cost
  • Miscellaneous expenses – 8-10% of the cost

The cost of the wedding could potentially be very high depending on your culture and/or your religion. There are lots of things to consider when putting together a budget for a wedding. What we’ve listed above should give you just a basic idea.

How Can a Wedding Loan Help?

You may find that you have money to cover about half of the costs of the wedding – say the venue – but not enough to pay for all of the other costs such as decorations and photography.

A wedding loan in Singapore is there for you in those cases to relieve the burden.

After putting together your budget, you can come with an estimate of how much you’ll need to borrow with your personal wedding loan.

Plenty of couples use their marriage loan to cover the upfront costs of a wedding such as deposits for the church or venue, which may be required up to a year in advance.

You may also want to use your wedding loan to buy the rings or make reservations on the honeymoon.

Other couples use their wedding loan to account for extra costs such as paying for food and drink menus and guest gifts.

Small things, such as decorations, entertainment, and photograph may have small price tags on their own, but their combined cost adds a lot to the cost of your wedding in Singapore.

 Wedding Loans

Wedding Loans

 Wedding Loan

Wedding Loan

 Get your wedding loans

Get your wedding loans

How to Apply for a Wedding Loan

The loan application process for a wedding loan is similar to that of a personal loan.

You need all of the relevant documents and you must also fulfill a few requirements, including;

  • Being aged 21 years old or older
  • Having proof of being employed for at least three months to verify your income
  • Be either a citizen of Singapore, a permanent resident of Singapore, or hold a Singapore work visa/work permit
  • Have a good credit rating or a co-signer with their own great credit rating
  • Have a history of repaying debts on time, including mortgage payments, credit card payments, and student loans
  • You may need to submit documents about your bank account and tax information depending on the provider

After you submit your application, you will have to look through the terms and conditions for the loan.

Make sure that you understand what is written in the contract and call your loan provider if you donít understand anything.

We here at CashMax88 have representatives ready and waiting to hear from you and answer your questions.

Why Choose CashMax88?

We understand that there are many different loan providers available in Singapore, including banks, credit institutions, and moneylenders.

We aim to provide you with a better rate than them and a flexible repayment schedule.

We provide fair interest rates and a simple application process that make us one of the best choices for couples that need money for their wedding fast so they can quickly go back to planning for the best day of their lives.

CashMax88 are a Singapore fully licensed moneylender.

We aim to deliver an honest and transparent service to clients. Thatís why we are open late and remain in touch with you for the entire application process.

Donít hesitate to get in touch with us if youíve got any questions, comments, or concerns.


If you still have some unanswered questions about wedding loans in Singapore then check through our FAQ:

Is there a way to get a better deal with my wedding loan?

  • There are two things you can do to get a better deal with your wedding loan;
    Improve your credit rating. You want to ensure that you pay back your outstanding debts on time. Creditors are less likely to lend money to you if you have a bad credit history and reputation for repaying debts. Pay off your student loans, mortgage, and other financial obligations to demonstrate how reliable and financially responsible you are.
  • Have financial stability; have a steady and stable income and employment and make a few investments. These are things that will see you get a better interest rate and a more flexible repayment schedule.

Are wedding loans better than credit cards?

Credit cards can sound like a good idea, particularly if you only want to cover the smaller costs of getting married.

The problem is that credit cards are the fastest way to build unwanted debt.

High-limit cards may tempt you to go beyond your budget, which can lead to high minimum payments and a lot of stress, which can damage your marriage.

A wedding loan in Singapore, in comparison, provides you with a lump sum of money that you can use how you want.

The money can be used smarter because it fits into your budget better. A lump sum is likely to keep you within your budget and prevent reckless spending.

Can I still get a wedding loan if I have bad credit?
As mentioned before, a wedding loan is like a personal loan with a designated purpose.

Depending on which lender you choose, your credit score might prevent you from getting a good loan. You may require a co-signer.

Apply for a Marriage Loan Online Now

If you still have any questions about apply for a wedding loan in Singapore, or are ready to begin your online application, please give us a call or contact us online for more information. Weíre here to help make your dream wedding into a reality.

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